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When I started All the Feels Company in 2021, my mission was simple: teach children to regulate emotions while they are young. Over the past three years, we have provided products, courses, trainings and education to improve emotion regulation in kids all over the world. Thousands of counselors and parents have sat in trainings to learn how to improve emotion regulation in themselves and in the children they work with and parent. Thousands of kids have been read books about feelings and how to manage them in their classrooms and schools. 

The feeling cards, the first product sold by All the Feels Company, have become an Amazon favorite in helping children regulate emotions. It has been a tremendous and rewarding beginning to All the Feels Company but there is still a nagging feeling that we can do more. I have received countless emails from counselors, social service workers, and community agencies asking for feeling cards to be donated to children who attend low-income schools, are in foster care, experiencing homelessness or have parents who are incarcerated. 

It wasn’t so long ago that I was one of these counselors myself. In 2000, I began my career as a school counselor in a low-income school just south of Nashville. I spent the next eight years working with kids who lacked the resources to purchase day-to-day necessities. To help them learn emotion regulation, I made photo copies of feeling faces and wrote coping strategies on the back of notecards to send home in their backpacks. When I created the feeling cards, I kept these kids in mind. I created cards that could easily fit into your back pocket and could easily go with a child where ever they went. I knew that if kids had the resources they needed, they would have a greater chance at being able to manage what happened in their homes and environments. 

Over the past ten years, I have spent a large amount of time studying neuroplasticity and brain development. I have learned how the brain processes emotion and the value of early intervention in long-term emotional health. I have also learned that 50% of mental health is hard-wired and what we come into the world with. We can’t do anything about this 50%. But, 50% is what happens when we get here. The people we meet, the role models we have, the resources we are provided. We can do something about this 50%.

It is with these factors in mind and with great enthusiasm, that All The Feels Company is moving to a “Buy One, Provide One” for all feeling cards bought on our site. For every set of feeling cards purchased, we will donate a set to a child in need.  Please note that when the feeling cards are bought on another site, such as Amazon, this will not be applied. The cards must be purchased at All the Feels Company

If you know of a child in need, you can purchase a set of cards for them. We will donate a set of cards to another child in need. If you want to purchase a set for your own child or a child you teach, counsel or care for, we will donate a set for you. 

Let’s give kids a fighting chance at mental health, even in the worst of circumstances.



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