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Announcing “Buy One, Provide One” for all Feeling Cards Bought on the Site

Graphic introduces All the Feels' newest program: Buy one, get one. Buy one set of feelings cards and we'll give one to a child in need.

When I started All the Feels Company in 2021, my mission was simple: teach children to regulate emotions while they are young. Over the past three years, we have provided products, courses, trainings and education to improve emotion regulation in kids all over the world. Thousands of counselors and parents have sat in trainings to […]

How to Fight the February Funk

Every year around this time, I ask myself, “What is happening? Why is everyone so down, unhappy and emotionally unsettled?” Before I get too far down the rabbit hole, I remind myself, It is February. Over the past 20 years as a psychotherapist, I have seen the same pattern in my patients and myself. We […]

How to Turn a Root Feeling into a Super Skill

Everyday human life is highly emotional. Research indicates we are feeling at least one emotion 90% of the time (National Institute of Health). The feeling could be joy or sadness. Anxiety or confusion. Regardless of which emotion we are experiencing at any given moment, there is one emotion that overshadows the rest and I call […]

The Benefits of Gratitude on Emotional Health

Gratitude is not always easy but it is highly effective in improving emotional health. As a child, my mom required my siblings and I to write thank you cards for gifts we received. My mom was right there with us, writing her own thank you cards. She said that if someone took the time to […]

Why Anxious Kids are Drawn to Scary Things

When we think of anxiety, we think of avoiding scary things. That’s why it’s so odd when anxious kids (and anxious people in general) seek out scary things that will seemingly only increase anxiety. Many of the kids I work with are extremely anxious. They are afraid of being away from parents, sleeping in their […]

Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend and Colleague

Nearly 9 years ago, I went to pick up a 10 lbs. puppy that I was hoping to become my therapy dog. I had just lost my previous dog, Jack, after 16 years, and was still grieving but the idea of having a puppy full of energy was appealing. I took him into my office […]

Introducing the All the Feels Classroom!

I am excited to announce I will now be offering my most popular training sessions online! If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we can be flexible in how we share information and connect with others. When I started speaking several years ago, I didn’t have kids, a family and could easily fly across […]