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The No-Talk Notebook: How to Get Kids to Open Up

One of the scariest experiences as a parent is not knowing what’s going on with your child. When you get a “my day was fine,” over and over again followed by an “I don’t know,” or “I don’t want to talk about it,” parents get frustrated and start asking more questions. These questions only lead […]

The Corpus Callosum and Why it Matters for Teens

Another senior sits in my office stressed about college. “It’s $50,000 a year,” she says. “I don’t want my parents to have to pay for it. I don’t know if my parents can pay for it and even if they can, what if I’ve chosen the wrong college?” We can chalk college stress up to […]

The Flood Zone: How the Brain Responds to Stress

Most (if not all) of our problems have to do with the way we react to things. When we are triggered, we say things we don’t mean, give our kids punishments they don’t deserve and feel overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks. Afterwards, we feel regret and beat ourselves up for not handling things differently. […]

Summertime Anxiety: Why Anxiety Increases when Stress Decreases

“I’m worried about getting sick. I wonder if I might die,” says a perfectly healthy eight-year-old on her first week of summer break. “I can’t stop thinking about that text I sent,” a teenage boy says just a few hours later. “It was the wrong thing to say. I shouldn’t have asked her out. I […]

Train Your Mind Like You Would Train a Puppy

It’s amazing to me that we don’t teach kids how to think. We teach them how to solve academic problems but nowhere in school or in kids early years does anyone teach them how to solve conflicts, manage emotions or change the way they think about events in their lives. This misstep is indicative in […]

An Anxiety-Reduction Strategy Even the Most Successful People Use

Before Shaun White, the best snowboarder of all time, completed his final run that would gain him his 3rd Olympic Gold medal he told himself, “It doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t matter? What could be more important than winning an Olympic Gold, especially for someone who was born with a congenital heart defect, began snowboarding at […]

10 Test-Taking Tips Featuring Why Smart Kids Worry

With testing season underway, many students from elementary on up through the college ranks already have experienced their first spelling test, pop quiz or exam. If not, they will be soon along with standardized tests, mid-terms, finals and college entrance exams for some. Parents and students can use these 10 test-taking tips to help establish […]

The Most Anxious Day of the Week

Any guesses what the most anxious day of the week is? You got it. Sundays. Sundays are the day when the fears of the week ahead sit heavy on our minds. What we have to do. What we haven’t finished yet. What we are dreading. Sunday is hard for adults. It’s hard for kids. It’s […]

The Inner Bully: How to Not get Beat up by Your Mind

I work with lots of kids who are bullied by someone. I work with even more who are bullied by themselves. They are in constant fear of their own minds and wonder what lurks around every corner. What mean things will my mind say to me today? How will my mind push me around? How […]

Depression is the Past. Anxiety is the Future.

Anxiety and depression are not all that different. They are on a continuum of negative thinking and any given person can express either, at any given time, depending on what they are going through. So what is the main difference? Anxiety is negative thinking focused on the future. People who struggle with anxiety suffer from […]