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The Attention Span Crisis – And What it Means for Kids

You got it, we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. The article was released in Time Magazine and since people have been buzzing about it. How could this be possible? How can our intellectually advanced minds be unable to hold attention longer than 8 seconds? The short answer: Technology. Technology is the blessing […]

What Not to Do if You’re Anxious

People ask me all the time – how do I decrease anxiety? What can I do to be more calm? Peaceful? How can I help my kids? There are very good answers to these questions (and I share them in previous posts) but I can tell you the worst possible thing you can do. And […]

My New Book – Coming Out in August!

Hi Everyone! I have a new book coming out in August – just in time for kids to go back to school. It’s a children’s book titled, “Worry Says What?” and tells of a girl who is debilitated by anxiety. Every time she takes a Math test, Worry yells “It’s too hard!” and when she […]

Meet Freddy – My Anxiety

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein I was sitting with a child last week who was struggling with depression. She was sad, couldn’t get away from the feeling and said, “I feel like sadness follows me where ever I go.” So I asked, “What does your sadness look like?” and handed […]

Banish the Boogeyman: From Live Happy Magazine

Beat childhood anxiety to raise happier, braver kids. We all want our kids to feel happy and carefree. But struggles with anxiety are a reality during childhood and more common than you may expect. One in eight children develop an anxiety disorder, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Building character strengths to […]

The Benefit of Therapy Dogs

I have always wanted a Therapy Dog and three years ago, I decided to bring my Golden Doodle puppy to work. He was only 10 weeks old at the time and he was a nightmare! He chewed on my play therapy toys, teethed on my hand and threw up multiple socks in my office. I […]

How Anxiety Works: Lessons from Kenya

I’ve wanted to go to Africa since I was a kid. I grew up in the era of Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World” and as he, Stevie Wonder and many of my favorites sang, images of starving children in Africa rolled by on the screen. My heart broke for those kids who were sitting […]

Why Sports are Good for Anxious Kids

I watched yet another kid climb into the window above the couch in my office. Within minutes, he jumped down, slam dunked a basketball at least 20 times, finally sat down on the floor and said, “Ok, now I’m ready.” He and I both knew what he meant. It was time to start the session. If I […]

Anxiety-Reduction Toy Predicted to be Top 20 Christmas Gift

Every holiday, kids ask for the same things: the new American Girl doll, a high-powered video game or the latest electronic device. However, this year the Sorgenfresser Worry Eater has hit the market and is expected to be big. Huge, actually. So big that Amazon has predicted it to be a top 20 Christmas gift. […]

Unconventional Classroom Interventions for Active Kids

Any day now, kids will be filing back into classrooms. After a summer of running around, swimming, going to camps and being free, kids will be expected to sit in desks for nearly seven hours and listen. If they tap pencils, hum or slide around in their chairs, they will be asked to pull cards, […]