All The Feels Toolkit


Want to teach kids how to manage emotions? This is the toolkit for you!

Includes one set of All the Feels Feeling Cards and one How to Manage my Feelings Poster. Together, you can take children from the beginning phase of learning about emotions to the final stage of emotion regulation!

The feeling cards will teach children how to identify feelings and learn effective coping strategies. The poster will take it a step further by helping kids choose their feeling, rate the intensity, choose a strategy and learn how to reset their brain! This toolkit is a great addition to a classroom, counseling office, child care center and home. Use as a teaching tool or a self-directed activity for a dysregulated child.

Appropriate for ages 3 and older.


“I bought the toolkit after hearing Allison speak at an event. I opened the cards and began using them with my child. We hung the poster near her bedside and many afternoons after school, I find her sitting on the floor with her feeling cards laid out in front of her. She tells me she is figuring out how she feels about her day. Then she uses the poster to help rate how big her feeling was. A total game-changer for our family as now she is able to articulate what was going on inside of her. Get one!”

“I have been using the cards and poster in my counseling office for the past year. They are the two most useful tools I have. I rarely go through a session where a kid is not using the cards to share their emotions or writing on the poster to show me how to reset their brain. I love the brain-based concept and recommend this toolkit to every counselor who works with kids.”

“I saw the poster and cards in my child’s preschool class and knew I had to get some. When they arrived, my daughter told me she already knew how to use them and asked me to choose my feeling card and circle it on the poster. It was amazing to see how much she has learned about feelings in such a short time!”



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