Beat, Beat, Thump.


Beat, beat, thump. Beat, beat, thump. That’s the pulse of Alex’s heart as he navigates worries about school, friendship struggles, and trying new things. Sometimes the pounding of his heartbeat gets so loud that it’s all he can hear.

In this encouraging and heartwarming tale, Alex listens to the beat, beat, thump of his heart while feeling both panic and peace. When his anxiety grows, Alex uses techniques he has learned, like stomping his feet and focusing on his heartbeat, to center himself and regain his calm. When at peace, Alex can feel the steady hum of his heartbeat as he thinks about the fun things he’ll do tomorrow, the people he loves, and how his strong heart has carried him through hard things.


Great SEL Resource for Parents and Teachers
This book is an honest look at anxiety and panic attacks in children. It is full of coping strategies, including embracing the rhythm and musicality of a thumping heartbeat. Another great SEL resource for parents and teachers!
Great Tool for Starting the Conversation with Children about Anxiety
Beat, Beat, Thump. That’s the sound our heart makes when we’re anxious. And for children, this can be scary. As adults, we sometimes forget that children can experiences these feelings. This book is a great tool for parents to introduce children to anxiety and open the door to conversations around the topic. The illustrations are engaging and the diversity of characters is spot on. I especially enjoyed how the author expresses that our hearts can make the same sounds for other emotions, and addresses how we can help littles manage all these big emotions in age-appropriate ways.
Perfect for Anxious Kiddos
This book was so great to read with my son who has been having some anxiety this year in school. It helped show him that it is totally normal and some useful strategies to use when feeling anxious. I can’t wait to read it with my students as well. So many of them have trouble with anxiety and I know this will be so helpful.


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