When your brain perceives danger, your body and mind will go instantly into one of three modes-flight, fight, or freeze. Your heart races, your body tenses up, your hands shake, and your emotions take over rational thought.

You’ve entered The Flood Zone.

In Flooded, counselor and bestselling author, Allison Edwards explains how parents, teachers, and counselors can identify when children have entered The Flood Zone. She also offers suggestions for teaching children (and adults!) how to regain control of their emotions.

Fantastic Tips, Strategies, Reflections, and Support
Allison Edwards has done it again. She is a fantastic resource for educators, counselors, and parents wanting to support their children in emotional regulation. Her goal is to “prepare kids to be able to manage internally what happens to them externally” and I agree. Her examples are perfect- I’ve definitely met students like the ones in this book and I love how she offers reflection questions to deeper my practice and make a plan going forward! Parents- there are FANTASTIC tips in here too!
A Must-Read for Parents and Teachers!
This is a must read for parents and teachers everywhere. Really, for anyone who works with kids in any capacity. This book answers the questions about what to do when our children are in a heightened emotional state. As a mom with a child who struggles with OCD anxiety, this book has been very helpful in those really intense moments when he is ramped and struggles to calm down. As a busy mom of three, this book has helped me understand my own triggers and how to be a better, present parent. As a former teacher and admin, this would be a go-to text for PD for my staff.
Perfect for a Summer PD!
Looking for a great book to read this summer? Look no further, “Flooded A Brain-Based Guide To Help Children Regulate Emotions” is going to be your favorite summer PD read!
This book is a simple, to-the-point read that is perfect for all stakeholders and educators.
I had MANY AH-HA moments
it’s not limited to school counselors- parents, social workers, psychologists, and teachers alike will take away important knowledge from this book.
the reflection pages provide opportunities for self-reflection and program assessment


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