Manage My Feelings Poster


This kid-friendly, brain-based poster guides kids through the 4 steps of emotion regulation! An amazing resource for the classroom, counseling office, or to use at home. Kids can choose their feeling, rate the intensity, choose a strategy and reset their brain by changing their 5 senses! Pairs perfectly with Flooded and How to Crack Your Peanut. Laminated and durable for continued use. With colorful images, a number line to rate emotions and an easy, fill-in-the blank space for responses, children will discover how to manage all feelings, big and small. Even adults love it!

This poster pairs well with our Feeling Cards! Or, you can purchase both this poster and the cards with our All the Feels Toolkit!

Appropriate for ages 3 and up.


“This poster is the #1 resource for teaching emotions to my pre-k classroom. Every morning, I go over the feelings, talk about how big they are and as a class, we talk about strategies. Now when a child becomes upset, they go to the poster and circle how they feel. Amazing!”

“My child gets flooded often and this poster has been a fabulous tool to help her learn how to reset the brain. She likes to fill the poster out even when she’s not flooded! She is now able to share how she feels and tells me when she needs to reset. Wish we would have found this earlier.”

“As a counselor, I have a variety of tools to help children learn about emotion regulation but this one is the best because it takes children through all the steps at once. I don’t have to pull out a variety of resources. I can now just use the poster. Kids love to start sessions with the poster and it serves as a guide for the rest of the session. Love it.”



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