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Think Sheet

Are you a parent who wants your child to actually process why they did what they did? Are you a teacher who wants to improve a student’s behavior in the classroom? Think sheets are a way to improve children’s overall behavior by helping them understand why they are acting they way they are. Instead of putting kids in time-out and then resuming your day, why not help them process their behavior and feelings so they can learn how to improve their actions in the future? Try a Think Sheet.

Inward vs. Outward Processor

Every child needs something different and parents, teachers, and caregivers are often unsure what a specific child needs. Use this tool to better understand if a child processes emotions inwardly or outwardly. This is a key tool in understanding how to talk, relate to and how to encourage children during emotional times. For more information about Inward and Outward Processors, check out Why Smart Kids Worry.

Behavior Contract

A great tool for teachers to implement in their classrooms and for parents to implement on weekends and breaks from school. Many children need multiple chances to improve behavior. Behavior Contracts are concrete ways to measure behavior and reward children for doing the right thing instead of focusing on what they didn’t do right. These work great for parents, teachers and school counselors.

12 Traits of Anxious Children

Is my child anxious? Should I be concerned? What do anxious behaviors look like? These 12 Traits are what anxious children exhibit most often and are not the typical behaviors you might expect. Get a handle on your child’s level of anxiety by checking out this list of traits.