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Two weeks ago, my publishing company (Sourcebooks) contracted Why Smart Kids Worry to be published in Chinese. The process may take some time – the translating and all – but it’s a great step for my book and a great place for Why Smart Kids Worry to be. Asia has been known to produce some of the smartest kids in the world and with higher standards and more rigorous schooling, a book like Why Smart Kids Worry can be a great resource to such an intelligence-minded culture.

On to other good news…

After several months of working with MBC & Associates – a video production company here in Nashville – Why Smart Kids Worry now has a book trailer! I do realize that “trailers” are supposed to precede movies, books, etc. but I just couldn’t help myself. After I met with the creative team and was fortunate enough to find a perfect kid to shoot it, I had to go through with it.

Enjoy and pass it along!

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