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Every holiday, kids ask for the same things: the new American Girl doll, a high-powered video game or the latest electronic device. However, this year the Sorgenfresser Worry Eater has hit the market and is expected to be big. Huge, actually. So big that Amazon has predicted it to be a top 20 Christmas gift. The idea behind the toy is that children write down or draw a picture of something that is bothering them, put it in the monster’s mouth and zip it shut, thus banishing their worries.

The toy was created in 2008 by Gerd Hahn, a German children’s TV animator and has had huge success across Europe. The first Worry Eater was called Saggo but now there are others…Frula, Betti and Biff. If your child is a worrier, this is a great gift to put under the tree. If it won’t make your list this year, you can buy a jar of Play Doh and make a Worry Jar yourself. Similar to the Worry Eater, the Worry Jar will hold your child’s worries and you’ll save about twenty bucks.

The Worry Eater is pretty cool, though. You can check it out below:

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