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After one of the coldest winters in history, kids are throwing on shorts, running out of the house and sucking up every last minute of daylight. And after months of being cooped up, they are feeling the freedom of being able to get out their energy. This is something all kids need to do, but even more so, anxious kids.

As I always say, anxiety is energy and if energy doesn’t have a place to go, it gets stuck. One of my favorite tools in Why Smart Kids Worry is Run Fast, Jump High which helps anxious kids get their energy out by planning certain times each day for exercise. It can be walking the dog, jumping on a trampoline or running around the yard before school. The tool works because it provides a channel for anxiety to be released on a regular basis rather than being bottled up. If this can happen in the morning, it is a dream scenario for teachers. Anxious kids will arrive at school with less anxiety and be much calmer, more relaxed.

This is also an effective tool on weekends where time crawls and kids are often bored. If you plan activities in the morning, where kids can let out their energy, you will have a much more pleasant day. Your child will be more relaxed and, as a result, you will, too. Let us all enjoy the spring and release a little more of what we’ve been holding all winter.

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