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Depression is the Past. Anxiety is the Future.

Anxiety and depression are not all that different. They are on a continuum of negative thinking and any given person can express either, at any given time, depending on what they are going through. So what is the main difference? Anxiety is negative thinking focused on the future. People who struggle with anxiety suffer from […]

The 2 Types of Anxiety

Anxiety can be broken down into 2 categories:  Relational Anxiety and Object-Oriented Anxiety.  Relational Anxiety is anxiety focused around people whereas Object-Oriented Anxiety  is anxiety focused around things and/or events. Think of it this way, if two anxious people have to drive through a rainstorm to give a speech the one with Object-Oriented Anxiety will […]

The 2 out of 3 Rule When it Comes to Anxiety Medication

One of the most common questions I get is, “Should I put my child on medication?” My response is always try counseling first.  A qualified counselor can teach your child Anxiety Management Tools that can be a great help for many years to come.  If you’ve already tried that and there are still issues, I […]