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Home Devil or Street Angel? I’m Guessing Your Child is Both

This is not a new story. You drag your child out of the house kicking and screaming only to show up at a parent/teacher conference two days later to hear a glowing report. You hear words like, “What a pleasure. Such a leader. A real joy to have in class.” You almost choke on your […]

The Benefits of Delaying Consequences

When children misbehave, the most common response is to give an immediate consequence.  Even if that means taking away birthday parties, future play dates or video games for the rest of their lives, consequences are often thrown at children at rapid speeds in an effort to change their behavior.  To these threats,  children say, “I […]

Behavior Contracts – A Great Way to Monitor Behavior

Behavior Contracts are a great way to monitor a child’s behavior both at school and at home.  The contract is simple:  A teacher/parent and a child both agree to 3 specific behaviors (i.e. keeping hands to myself, using nice words, doing what has been asked the first time) and then the child signs the bottom […]

Think Sheets – A Tool to Help Children Process Behavior

Kids make lots of mistakes.  They do things they shouldn’t do for reasons they aren’t aware of.  They are impulsive and reactive and are resistant to making the right choice – even when they know the consequences are great. When kids misbehave most parents go through a process that looks something like this: 1.  Child […]