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Why Anxious Kids are Drawn to Scary Things

When we think of anxiety, we think of avoiding scary things. That’s why it’s so odd when anxious kids (and anxious people in general) seek out scary things that will seemingly only increase anxiety. Many of the kids I work with are extremely anxious. They are afraid of being away from parents, sleeping in their […]

Home Devil or Street Angel? I’m Guessing Your Child is Both

This is not a new story. You drag your child out of the house kicking and screaming only to show up at a parent/teacher conference two days later to hear a glowing report. You hear words like, “What a pleasure. Such a leader. A real joy to have in class.” You almost choke on your […]

TIP OF THE WEEK: Need to Get Your Child Out of Your Bed? Find Out How

Kids love sleeping with their parents. Given the choice, most kids would sleep in their parents bed until they graduate high school. Well…not that long but long enough to make parents uncomfortable and for kids to be unable to fall asleep on their own. Need to get your child out of your bed?  Be willing […]

10 Test-Taking Tips Featuring Why Smart Kids Worry

With testing season under way, many students from elementary on up through the college ranks already have experienced their first spelling test, pop quiz or exam. If not, they will be soon along with standardized tests, mid-terms, finals and college entrance exams for some. Parents and students can use these 10 test-taking tips to help […]

‘Why Smart Kids Worry’ Can Ease Kids’ Anxiety: A Featured Article on

When our young school-age kids worry, we parents worry, too. Some are scared to get on the bus, some have a terrible time falling asleep and others might hit themselves in the head when their homework stumps them. In our fast-paced world, anxiety relentlessly attacks whoever it wants to.  Enter this great expert: Allison Edwards, LPC, […]

The First Ever "TIP OF THE WEEK" – Give Your Child’s Anxiety a Name

Parents sit in my office every day looking for tips on how to help their anxious child. “What do I do when…?” is what I hear hour after hour, day after day. They may finish the sentence with “…my child won’t stop talking about his worries,” or “…she won’t get out of the car at […]

Why Kids Shouldn’t Watch the News

It’s after work and you have the t.v. on for just a few minutes while you cook dinner. Or maybe you’re trying to catch up on what’s happening in Syria, the stock exchange or even the latest happenings in Hollywood. You click the television on, go about what you’re doing and maybe catch a little […]

"Why Smart Kids Worry" Released Today!

“You teach best what you need to learn.”   –  Richard Bach      I was a typical four-year-old kid. I was full of life, energy and always had a smile…but later that year my whole life changed.  It wasn’t that my parents divorced or that my grandmother died or even that I was abused.  What occurred […]

3 Ways to Help Anxious Kids Sleep

Dr. Stanley Coren has written a book on sleep deprivation, Sleep Thieves, and says his research shows that “for each hour under eight hours of sleep, you lose one point in IQ. And for every hour below seven you can lose two points of IQ.”  Since children are required 10-12 hours of sleep a night, if […]