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Helping Children Process Fear in the Aftermath of School Violence

I’ve spent the past 23 years as a counselor in Nashville and yesterday was the hardest. Having to process the events of a shooting just 2 miles from my office with school-age kids was overwhelming. Some kids were terrified to go back to school, while younger kids didn’t even know about the event. One middle […]

Unconventional Classroom Interventions for Active Kids

Any day now, kids will be filing back into classrooms. After a summer of running around, swimming, going to camps and being free, kids will be expected to sit in desks for nearly seven hours and listen. If they tap pencils, hum or slide around in their chairs, they will be asked to pull cards, […]

Why Many Kids Don't Like School

The beginning of school brings up lots of emotions for kids. Some of them are positive, such as excitement to see friends, meet their new teacher and get back into a structured routine. Some of them are negative, such as frustration with having to do homework, getting to bed early and sitting in a desk […]

First Day of School Anxiety

Change is hard for anxious kids.  Whether it’s a change in schedule, a change in schools or a change in friend groups, anxious kids would rather things stay the same than for them to change. The start of school creates an abundance of change for anxious kids.  After a summer of unstructured time and freedom, […]