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The Inner Bully: How to Not get Beat up by Your Mind

I work with lots of kids who are bullied by someone. I work with even more who are bullied by themselves. They are in constant fear of their own minds and wonder what lurks around every corner. What mean things will my mind say to me today? How will my mind push me around? How […]

Kevin Love – Opening the Eyes of Mental Health in Sports

Many of you already know that my first love was basketball. I began playing when I was 8 and played all the way through college. Basketball was my outlet, my release and when the world was spinning out of control, I would find my way to the basketball hoop outside my house and shoot way […]

The Benefit of Therapy Dogs

I have always wanted a Therapy Dog and three years ago, I decided to bring my Golden Doodle puppy to work. He was only 10 weeks old at the time and he was a nightmare! He chewed on my play therapy toys, teethed on my hand and threw up multiple socks in my office. I […]

How Anxiety Works: Lessons from Kenya

I’ve wanted to go to Africa since I was a kid. I grew up in the era of Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World” and as he, Stevie Wonder and many of my favorites sang, images of starving children in Africa rolled by on the screen. My heart broke for those kids who were sitting […]

What Spring Can Do for Anxious Kids

After one of the coldest winters in history, kids are throwing on shorts, running out of the house and sucking up every last minute of daylight. And after months of being cooped up, they are feeling the freedom of being able to get out their energy. This is something all kids need to do, but […]

Why Smart Kids Need "B’s"

I was giving a presentation last week and a man raised his hand and said, “My child cannot accept failure. Every time he does something he’s not immediately good at, he gives up.”  My response: “Is school easy for him?”  His response: “Yes. He’s in seventh grade and has never gotten a B on a […]

Are Gifted Kids Being Left Behind?

In a recent article, David Lubinski – a Vanderbilt Researcher, suggested that gifted kids aren’t getting what they need in the classroom. Due to programs such as “No Child Left Behind,” the academic needs of gifted kids are not being met not because teachers aren’t concerned about gifted kids, but because they simply don’t have […]

Counseling: The Bridge Between Home and School

Long are the days when going to a counselor was seen as odd or abnormal. Nowadays kids talk about their therapists at the lunch table and as a kid that I see said recently, “You know a girl in my class. You’re her therapist too!”  When I asked how she knew this she simply said, […]

Why Smart Kids Worry is Going to China! (and other good news)

Two weeks ago, my publishing company (Sourcebooks) contracted Why Smart Kids Worry to be published in Chinese. The process may take some time – the translating and all – but it’s a great step for my book and a great place for Why Smart Kids Worry to be. Asia has been known to produce some […]

Tips for Curbing Holiday Anxiety in Kids

The holidays can be a tough time for anxious kids.  Anytime there is something new or a change in routine, anxious kids are known to spin.  Add to that:  Elf on the Shelf, holiday wish lists, toy advertisements on television, advent calendars, two weeks off from school, and a chance of snow and things can […]