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The Undercurrent of Fear

Underneath all anxiety – no matter what type of anxiety it is – is an undercurrent of fear. The undercurrent of fear is what dislodges us from rational thinking, makes our minds race and our hearts beat fast. It’s this undercurrent that keeps us constantly worrying, our minds constantly going and it’s only in focusing […]

Why Sports are Good for Anxious Kids

I watched yet another kid climb into the window above the couch in my office. Within minutes, he jumped down, slam dunked a basketball at least 20 times, finally sat down on the floor and said, “Ok, now I’m ready.” He and I both knew what he meant. It was time to start the session. If I […]

Structuring Summer Eases Anxiety

Many anxious kids are already getting nervous. It isn’t because of standardized testing or that they’re stuck in school while the weather is beautiful outside. It’s because summer is coming and with summer comes anxiety. How could kids POSSIBLY be anxious in summer? There isn’t homework or tests or long hours sitting in a desk. […]

What Spring Can Do for Anxious Kids

After one of the coldest winters in history, kids are throwing on shorts, running out of the house and sucking up every last minute of daylight. And after months of being cooped up, they are feeling the freedom of being able to get out their energy. This is something all kids need to do, but […]

Why Smart Kids Need "B’s"

I was giving a presentation last week and a man raised his hand and said, “My child cannot accept failure. Every time he does something he’s not immediately good at, he gives up.”  My response: “Is school easy for him?”  His response: “Yes. He’s in seventh grade and has never gotten a B on a […]

TIP OF THE WEEK: How to NOT Feed into Your Child’s Anxiety

Another parent sits in my office and asks, “Do you think she’s doing this for attention?” After a series of questions, it seems that “Yes. She is.” She is coming up with new worries daily. She goes from seemingly happy to scared within seconds. She feeds off of talking about her anxiety. She says she […]

Tips for Curbing Holiday Anxiety in Kids

The holidays can be a tough time for anxious kids.  Anytime there is something new or a change in routine, anxious kids are known to spin.  Add to that:  Elf on the Shelf, holiday wish lists, toy advertisements on television, advent calendars, two weeks off from school, and a chance of snow and things can […]

What Smart Kids Think About During School

Last week we shot a book trailer for Why Smart Kids Worry. The production team asked me for 100 thoughts that go through the minds of smart kids during the school day. “100!” I said. “That’s a lot!” I thought it might take me a day or two to come up with the sentences but […]