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Train Your Mind Like You Would Train a Puppy

It’s amazing to me that we don’t teach kids how to think. We teach them how to solve academic problems but nowhere in school or in kids early years does anyone teach them how to solve conflicts, manage emotions or change the way they think about events in their lives. This misstep is indicative in […]

The Inner Bully: How to Not get Beat up by Your Mind

I work with lots of kids who are bullied by someone. I work with even more who are bullied by themselves. They are in constant fear of their own minds and wonder what lurks around every corner. What mean things will my mind say to me today? How will my mind push me around? How […]

The Undercurrent of Fear

Underneath all anxiety – no matter what type of anxiety it is – is an undercurrent of fear. The undercurrent of fear is what dislodges us from rational thinking, makes our minds race and our hearts beat fast. It’s this undercurrent that keeps us constantly worrying, our minds constantly going and it’s only in focusing […]

#1 New Release, and a Sneak Peek of Worry Says What

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share some important updates, a fantastic event and a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who Pre-Ordered “Worry Says What?” “Worry Says What?” is currently THE #1 NEW RELEASE  in Crisis Management Counseling on Amazon!!!! I am so happy, proud and honored to have so much interest in the book […]

Worry Says What? PRE-ORDER TODAY!

Hi everyone! Worry Says What? is available for Pre-Order today through Sept 3rd. All Pre-Orders include free posters, worksheets and activities to use with the book. For a closer look at interior of the book (and to order) check out: For Amazon lovers, here’s the link: To order directly from me, click here! Thanks […]

Kevin Love – Opening the Eyes of Mental Health in Sports

Many of you already know that my first love was basketball. I began playing when I was 8 and played all the way through college. Basketball was my outlet, my release and when the world was spinning out of control, I would find my way to the basketball hoop outside my house and shoot way […]

Default Worries and What They Do for the Brain

Default worries is a term I came up with several years ago when I had kids returning to my office with the same fears they had months, even years before. They would come in fearing death, getting sick, getting old, failing out of school, not getting into college, etc. They had seemingly moved past those fears […]

The Attention Span Crisis – And What it Means for Kids

You got it, we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. The article was released in Time Magazine and since people have been buzzing about it. How could this be possible? How can our intellectually advanced minds be unable to hold attention longer than 8 seconds? The short answer: Technology. Technology is the blessing […]

My New Book – Coming Out in August!

Hi Everyone! I have a new book coming out in August – just in time for kids to go back to school. It’s a children’s book titled, “Worry Says What?” and tells of a girl who is debilitated by anxiety. Every time she takes a Math test, Worry yells “It’s too hard!” and when she […]

What Spring Can Do for Anxious Kids

After one of the coldest winters in history, kids are throwing on shorts, running out of the house and sucking up every last minute of daylight. And after months of being cooped up, they are feeling the freedom of being able to get out their energy. This is something all kids need to do, but […]