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I have always wanted a Therapy Dog and three years ago, I decided to bring my Golden Doodle puppy to work. He was only 10 weeks old at the time and he was a nightmare! He chewed on my play therapy toys, teethed on my hand and threw up multiple socks in my office. I seriously thought about leaving my wiry ball of fur at home. But my patients would have never let that happen! They were already too attached by then. So, I kept him at work and now he is part of the package. My new website (coming soon!) will feature him and the amount of healing he has provided to my patients is overwhelming.

Walter is the best thing I have done for my practice, for my patients and for myself. Numerous articles have been released about the psychological benefits of dogs. Yet, the most impactful has been research that states petting a dog actually releases endorphins – the same thing that anti-depressants are created to do. So there you have it – an all-natural anti-depressant that you have to walk and feed twice a day. I’ll take it!

Read about the psychological benefits of dogs below:

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