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I have been at book signings all week and have found that the parents walking up to my table are just as worried as their child.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m not putting pressure on my child but she still thinks she has to have an A.

When he gets worried, I get worried.

I don’t know what else to do. I’m worried it will never get better. 

“Relax. Calm Down. It’s okay,” is what I told most parents but the ones who stuck around to ask further about how to calm down about their child’s anxiety, I said, “Think of it as a roller coaster. If you ride the emotions out with your child you’re going to feel upside down, not knowing what comes next. Instead, stop, get off your child’s emotional roller coaster and watch it from a distance.” 

A great way to do this is from my app “Anxiety Tracker” which will help you gain perspective on your child’s anxiety. Another way is to delay your reaction. Be prepared for lots of emotions to come out of your anxious child. They are not going away but instead of letting your child take you on an emotional ride, step back, take a few breaths, check your own pulse and then go back to being a calm, supportive parent for your anxious child!

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