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Allison trains educators, counselors and parents both nationally and internationally in the areas of emotion regulation, building resilience, self-care, trauma, and anxiety, among other topics. 

She has conducted over 100 trainings to over 500,000 participants since 2018, helping adults to become better equipped to improve the emotional lives of children. 

Allison is currently scheduling Sessions on the following topics:

Today’s kids are falling apart in classrooms and educators and struggling with how to best support them. Should we allow students to avoid discomfort or push them to do challenging tasks? In this presentation, Allison will share how we got here and how we can help kids build resilience to manage their daily lives, and prepare them for the road ahead. Using real-life examples, humor and practical strategies, Allison will share how educators can take students from debilitated to empowered.

Based on her best-selling book, Allison explains how parents, teachers, and counselors can help children regulate emotions. Filled with techniques, real-life examples and practical suggestions for setting up spaces to support emotional regulation, Allison will help adults identify flooded children and help them reset. In this program, adults will not only learn how to help children reset their brains but also how to reset their own brains when triggered by dysregulated children.

We spend our days helping kids but how do we help ourselves? This program outlines self-care models for counseling professionals, uses humor and storytelling the normalize just how hard our jobs are, and leaves counselors feeling rejuvenated. Tips for how to structure the workday, balance home and work life and how to focus on your role will help counselors better manage their taxing jobs and give them strategies they can use for years to come!

Feel like you don’t have enough time to do counseling? Participants will learn 15 counseling techniques that can be implemented in less than 15 minutes from when a student walks into your office. The program can be suited to elementary, middle, or high school counselors (or a combination of all) and participants will not only learn the strategies but will be doing them alongside Allison as she teaches how to implement them. Get out your Play-Doh! This hands-on, experiential program will revolutionize your counseling department and help participants leave feeling empowered.

Anxiety is the #1 mental health disorder in the country and affects nearly 30% of students. Each day students walk into classrooms with upset stomachs, sweaty palms and minds spinning with fear-based thoughts. Learn how to recognize anxiety in children, how to support anxiety in neurologically diverse classrooms, and how to talk to parents about student anxiety. Educators will leave the session with confidence to address anxiety inside the classroom and knowledge of how to work with outside professionals to help anxious children begin to thrive.

Educators work daily with students who are unable to regulate their emotions. Trauma and ACE’s are a large part of this epidemic and based on brain research, this workshop will help counselors learn how to identify triggers, teach effective coping strategies, and help students go from debilitated to empowered.

Based on her best-selling book, Allison guides participants through the mental and emotional process of where the fears of smart kids come from and why they are so hard to move past. She explains why highly intelligent kids have a higher prevalence of social and emotional problems and how these differences present themselves in the classroom. In addition, she teaches 10 specially designed tools participants can use to help smart kids not only succeed in the classroom, but in life.

If you have a specific topic or issue you would like to address, please contact Allison so she can design a program to specifically fit your needs.

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