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Hi Everyone! I wanted to share some important updates, a fantastic event and a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who Pre-Ordered “Worry Says What?”

“Worry Says What?” is currently THE #1 NEW RELEASE  in Crisis Management Counseling on Amazon!!!! I am so happy, proud and honored to have so much interest in the book and more importantly, grateful to those who are committed to helping worried kids.

For all of you who have asked: Here is a sneak peek into the book! The illustrator, Ayesha Rubio lives in London and did a fantastic job on the images. I am so happy with how it turned out! She really does capture what it’s like to have Worry standing beside you, telling you all of the things you can’t do. She also captures the strength the young girl finds and how she is able to stand up to Worry once and for all!



You can also order the book straight from me here!

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