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  • The all the feels toolkit gives kiddos the tools to cope with their emotions and regulate with their parent or teacher.

    All The Feels Toolkit

  • feelings cards for children, a set of 20 cards with a face emotion on one side and a regulation strategy on the other

    Feeling Cards For Children

  • the counselor toolkit is perfect for counselors looking to help their young patients

    Counselor Toolkit

  • Crack Your Peanut by Allison Edwards will help your child understand their emotional responses better.

    How to Crack Your Peanut

  • Flooded is a brain-based guide by Allison Edwards to help understand emotional regulation.


  • Beat, Beat, Thump by Allison Edwards: A children's book about anxiety

    Beat, Beat, Thump.

  • The Feelings poster helps give an activity to kids struggling with their emotions to help explain what they are feeling.

    Manage My Feelings Poster

  • This toolkit feautures books and resources like the feelings cards and poster set

    Emotional Regulation Toolkit

  • Allison Edward's book offers counseling techniques that you didn't learn in school.

    15 Minute Counseling Techniques that Work

  • Marcy's having all the feels is a book by Allison Edwards your kids will love to read!

    Marcy’s Having All the Feels

  • Allison Edward's children's book can help your child understand their worry better.

    Worry Says What?

  • Why Smart Kids Worry by Allison Edwards

    Why Smart Kids Worry