We Help Children Manage Emotions

Brain-Based Tools that are Just as fun as they are Effective 

  • Photo of All the Feels poster and card set, to help children identify their intense emotions and talk about them.
  • Photo of feelings cards by All the Feels, which will help children identify, understand, and learn to recognize and regulate their own emotions at a young age.
  • Photo of All the Feels feelings poster, which helps kids identify, rate, and regulation their big emotions.

Beat, Beat, Thump.

In this encouraging and heartwarming tale, Alex listens to the beat, beat, thump of his heart while feeling both panic and peace. When his anxiety grows, Alex uses techniques he has learned, like stomping his feet and focusing on his heartbeat, to center himself and regain his calm.

How to Crack Your Peanut: Solving the Mystery of Why You Sometimes Lose Your Mind

This book helps kids understand why they sometimes lose control and make bad decisions. When kids learn how the brain works, they can begin to listen to their bodies and control their emotions.

Flooded: A Brain-Based Approach to Help Children Manage Emotions

As educators, parents, and professionals, we need to teach children and teens how to identify their emotions, learn what triggers those feelings, and provide strategies to manage their feelings in a healthy way. This book explains how.

15 Minute Counseling Techniques that Work: What you Didn't Learn in Grad School

The techniques in this book will help K-12 children feel empowered to face everyday challenges and equipped to manage their stress and emotions.

Marcy's Having All the Feels

Marcy wanted to be happy all the time and tried to push her other feelings away. When Marcy's feelings disappear, she misses them and learns that her feelings don't have to control her, and they might even have a function.

Worry Says What

A relatable story and beautiful artwork, this book will help children flip their thinking when anxious thoughts begin and turn them into powerful reminders of all they are capable of accomplishing.

Why Smart Kids Worry

In this practical parenting resource, Allison Edwards guides you through the mental and emotional porcess of where your child's fears come from and why they are so hard to move past.

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